Born and raised in New England, he and his family moved to the UK for a three year work assignment in 1999. The family fell in love with the culture and weather and never left. Key motivation was: amazing people, no blizzards nor hurricanes, and no mosquitos – though Scottish midges might tip the scales back!

He is an experienced hill walker and veteran of the numerous UK charity walks of 60 miles in under 24hrs, as well as week-long treks in China, Nepal and Peru. His love of outdoor challenges motivated him to set goals for his next career. He has registered to become a qualified British guide, leading others in the beauty and excitement of outdoor activities! He is candidate for the British Mountain Leading Award, taking formal training in expedition planning, weather, navigation and group management skills. These skills take advantage of his accomplishments in project planning and risk management honed during three decades of leading all levels of IT development within financial services in USA and London.