1. If you are a UK taxpayer, click here to make an online donation.

  • UK tax payers will receive a tax receipt and if eligible, Gift Aid.


2. If you are a US taxpayer you have two alternatives:

  • You can give online by clicking here. You will not receive a US tax receipt nor are you eligible for Gift Aid.
  • You can send a completed form and a check payable to the Anglo-American Charitable Foundation, care of Tanager Wealth Management LLP, Bridewell Gate, 9 Bridewell Place, London EC4V 6AW. You will receive a US tax receipt and could qualify for corporate matching gift programs.

US Gift Form

3. If you are both a UK and US tax payer:

  • You can make a contribution (of at least $250.00/£200) via the Anglo-American Charity Limited.
  • You need to complete and return a Gift Form and Gift Aid Declaration with your check.

UK Gift Form

Gifts via the Anglo-American Charity qualify for many US corporate matching gift programs, boosting the value of your donation.

All completed forms and checks should be sent to Jeff Hedges, c/o Tanager Wealth Management LLP, Bridewell Gate, 9 Bridewell Place London EC4V 6AW.

If you have any questions about making a donation to Walk The Bryson Line please contact us at donate@thebrysonline.com.