The team are going to walk the 569 miles which represent the distance of the Bryson Line (a straight-line from Cape Wrath to Bognor Regis). With thanks to Eric, who has spent many long hours poring over maps, for his idea of walking along iconic national trails and pathways, working our way North to South.

Our route will therefore follow the A838 in Scotland, south toward Inverness where we will pick up the John O’Groats trail and then onto the Great Glen Way and the West Highland Way. We will then move across to St Wilfrid’s Way and after we cross the border into England we will pick up the Pennine Way. We are diverting off the Pennine Way to visit the Dales High Way and to follow the Lancaster Canal before rejoining the end of the Pennine Way.

The team will then be taken to Stratford-upon-Avon where we will follow the Heart of England Way for a short while and the Stratford Canal before spending a few days on Shakespeare’s Way. The Thames Path will take us from Oxford to Reading at which point we will be following local footpaths until we pick up the South Downs Way and finally the Arun Way to Bognor.

The team are aiming to do this challenge in 30 days, averaging a little over 19 miles a day.