I am walking to raise money for five great charities. As an infant patient at great Ormond Street (1974 – cancer-like blood disorder, treated with radio- and chemotherapy) I am forever thankful of the opportunity I was given to lead a healthy active life. If it was not for the care and, at the time, ground-breaking treatment I would either have suffered life-changing multiple operations that would have led to a severely inhibited life or I would have died. I have taken part in the odd event to raise money for charity but never for the hospital that saved my life.

Walking the Line represents all that is good about the people that I work with. A dedicated, hard working team of, mainly, American expats, who love living in the UK and helping other Americans.  I appreciate their desire to give back to UK charities and am really chuffed to be able to walk with them.

You can find out a bit more about me here.